2.7L ecoboost vs 5.0L V8

How does the 2.7L Ecoboost compare to the 5.0L V8?

I love the 5.0L V8.  I have personally owned three F150s with that motor and I think that it is one of the best engine/transmission combinations Ford has put together.   My latest truck is equipped with the 2.7L V6.  This motor was introduced in 2015 as the second Ecoboost engine available with the F150.

Here is a table of the 2.7L Ecoboost vs. the 5.0L V8:

2.7L 5.0L
HP 325 @ 5750 rpm 385 @ 5750 rpm
Torque 375 lb-ft @ 3000 rpm 387 lb-ft @ 3850 rpm
MPG (4X4) 18/23 15/21

The important difference to note in this comparison are the torque numbers because they really effect the driving experience.

The difference in driving experience with the 2.7L Ecoboost

The driving experience is largely determined by the amount of horsepower and torque that can be produced by an engine at a certain RPM.  In the table above you will note that the 2.7L Ecoboost produces its peak torque at much lower RPMs than the 5.0L V8.  Most average drivers never rev their vehicle up much past 3500 RPMs and so the full power experience of the V8 is rarely enjoyed.  The 2.7L produces its max torque at 3000 RPMs, which is a range that the average driver if often in.  As a result, even though the V8 boasts higher numbers, the actual driving experience for the 2.7L feels similar, and in some situations the 2.7L feels like it has more power.  For example, I live on a steep hill and in order to get the V8 to pull up the hill you had to get the RPMs up closer to 4000 RPM.  With the 2.7L you barely have to tip into the accelerator and the truck shoots right up with no trouble.

2.7L V6 F150

What about durability?

Durability is really yet to be seen.  Edmonds long term road test on the 2015 F150 was overall very positive.  They did have to repair a turbo leak under warranty.  We have not done any warranty repairs on the 2.7L at Dovi Motors yet that I know of.  Once we get 6-7 years into production we will have a better idea of the durability.  The 3.5L ecoboost has been very reliable.  Some turbos have been replaced under warranty, but this has been minimal compared to the number of trucks we have on the road with the 3.5L.

Which engine should you choose?

Driving performance and fuel economy can’t really be measured in cylinders anymore due to turbo charging.  The question today is what do you want to do with your truck?

Fuel Economy

Generally this goes to the 2.7L ecoboost.  I averaged around 17.5 mpg with the 5.0L and I’m at 18.8 right now with my 2.7L.  However, if you are towing regularly or if you have a heavy foot you may find the difference is negligible.


The 2.7L ecoboost is the best value.  The 5.0L is currently a $2095 option whereas the 2.7L is $995 with an additional $300 rebate making the ecoboost $1100 cheaper.


Occasional light towing under 7800 lbs will be no trouble for the 2.7L ecoboost.  Regular towing or towing over 7800 lbs and you should go with the 5.0L V8 or the 3.5L ecoboost.


When it comes to the sound, there really is no replacement for displacement.  The 5.0L V8 barks at you even with the stock exhaust, making it a joy to drive.  The turbo charged engines have a clicky sound that just isn’t as satisfying.

Really the best idea is to take each one for a test drive and see what you think.  I can’t tell you how many customers have come in opposed to the 2.7L and now they are driving one.  At Dovi Motors we are always low pressure and we have our “Sleep On It Guarantee“.  So use the button below to

Schedule a No-Obligation Test Drive Now

Do you have any questions or comments about Ford’s powertrain lineup?  Let me know in the comments below!

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19 thoughts on “2.7L ecoboost vs 5.0L V8”

  1. Looking at buying 2019 f150 for the city in which I work 95% of miles will be speed under 40 mph which motor would you get ??

    1. The 2.7L ecoboost for sure. I have had 3 trucks with the 2.7L and I averaged 20-21 MPG with all of them. If you aren’t heavy on the gas and spinning up the turbo a lot that helps as well. With your city driving you may get a little less economy if you have a lot of stop and go, but if your drive is a strait shot you might do even better that 21. I have some customers that come in with the MPG read out at 23 or 24. You will also have the option of using Eco mode with the new 10 speed transmission on a 2019, which may help improve the MPGs further.

      1. Because we carry furniture and large items in the bed. Sorry, do we have to be farmers like you to have a truck? Didn’t realize you can only buy a truck if you are a lumberjack.

        1. Hi Philip

          I love your comment! Enjoy your truck man. I have the 5.0L and love it! I’ve never driven a 2.7L, but can attest to loving the 5.0L

  2. I have a 2002 Ford Thunderbird and currently has 150,000 miles; I’m considering replacing the stock engine, since it always had a heating problem…..and had cost me so much money each time I get it fixed. ……every year it seems like. Anyhow, I was wondering if you could please give me your best advice, if replacing my engine would be my best option; would that also require me to replace the transmission?….if I decide to get the ecco boost with 325 hp. Thanks you for your time ……truly appreciate it.

    1. Anything is possible with enough money / time. I spoke with one of my technicians and he said you would need to replace the engine, transmission and driveshaft. The best bet would likely be to find a wrecked 2wd F150 to pull the drive train from. Then you will need to do all custom mounts and plumbing to the turbos. It is a big project, but it would be cool!

    2. That swap would require changing everything: engine, trans, computer, wiring and custom fabrication to fit & integrate it all.
      I would estimate the cost starting @ $22k and possibly ending up just north of $30k.
      Are you sure you don’t just want to sell it and buy a low mileage Corvette coupe???

  3. I have a heavy foot. I enjoy flooring it to get ahead of traffic. 100% city driving. Going to get a regular cab, 2wd. As far as mpg, should I get the eco or the v8?

    1. I would go with the V8. If you have a heavy foot I find that the fuel economy is comparable. The ecoboost fuel economy falls off quite a bit when you are spinning up the turbo a lot. Also, there is nothing like the sound of that V8 when you step on it. I would also put the truck in Sport mode. It keeps the transmission in the higher power bands.

    2. Oh you’re that guy. You should get a charger or the bullet limited if you really want that type of ego support.

      1. You’re that guy? V8 is the way to go if you’re stomping on it. You will have equal mpg to the ecoboost. Better mpg with the v8 for towing.

    3. Get the EcoBoost. The 2.7l is only second to the 3.5l in 0-60 & 1/4M. The 2.7l gets the best mph of them all.
      Get a 2.7l EcoBoost, get a aftermarket cold air intake, down pipe, mid exhaust pipe with high flow cats & get it tuned. If you do this, you will have a 13 second daily driver that will give you wrinkles from grinning when they catch back up with you at the stop light and you tell them that you just blew the doors off of their 5.3, 5.7, 6.0 or 6.2 with your little 2.7!

  4. I am looking at buying a new f150 and can’t decide between the 2.3 eco boost and the 5.0. My concern is down the road on the reliability of the 5 litre with less moving parts. And the 2.3 with the turbos reliability Down the road.

  5. what are your guys thoughts on towing daily with the 2.7? thinking about the 5.0 vs the 2.7 for pulling my work trailer everyday with a 6×10 that only will weighs 3,500lbs.

    1. At 3500 lbs there is really no reason to go with a V8 over the 2.7L. With the 2.7 you will hardly know there is 3500 lbs behind you, and you have plenty of head room, since it can tow up to 7200 lbs when equipped with the trailer tow package.

  6. I run a tree service and constantly pulling multiple trees on a trailer. I have owned 4 f150s in my life, two of them with the 5.0. As an old school kind of guy, I’ll stick with my old school 5.0 with minimal electronics. I dont see a 2.7 ever being able to pull what the 5.0 does hands down.

  7. I have 2019 150 super crew 4×4 5.0 and get 19.6 mpg around town! I’ve hauled cars and tractors on trailer and did see much if any difference in gas mileage! Why by a 6 banger when you can get mileage like that? And I also don’t have to worry about replacing turbos!

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