History of Dovi Motors, Cortland NY

I was able to take some nice pictures today of the outside of the Dovi Motors Inc. building.  I thought it would be fun to put together a small Then and Now article to give an idea of the 60 plus year evolution of Dovi Motors history.

History shot 1 – Facing Tompkins St.

This is a shot of the original Dovi’s Garage from around 1950.  Dovi’s Garage was started as a Texico gas station and repair shop.  We still have the original sign hanging in the showroom.

Dovi Motors History 1950

Dovi Motors Inc. is still located on 263 Tompkins St. in Cortland, NY.  Here is the same shot as above from 2017.  We have lost a lot of road frontage since then and the trees have become much taller!


Dovi Motors Side View



History Shot 2 – Dovi Motors Showroom

Around 1955 the showroom was added.  Supposedly the exact date is written in the concrete under the carpet, but I didn’t want to peel it up!  You can see the Ford sign in the main window.  Tony Dovi Sr. sold Ford’s on consignment at this time.  That may be a 1956 Crown Victoria in there, let me know in the comments if you can tell!  We didn’t acquire the Ford franchise until 2008, but we have a long history with Ford as we sold Mercury from 1961 – 2008.

Dovi Motors History 1955

Today’s showroom has the same footprint, but we had the fascia on the building redone in 2009.  The inside of the showroom was remodeled in the ’90s at which time they removed the original wood shingle paneling and wooden cubicles!

Dovi Motors Front



History Shot 3 – Stop and Shop turned body shop

The present day body shop used to be the Stop and Shop grocery store.  It was also the Salvation Army thrift store for a short time before it was turned into our body and paint shop.

Dovi Motors History 1987

Today we operate a body and paint shop along with our reconditioning shop and rental program from this building.  As you can see we also carry a large 100+ vehicle inventory now.

Dovi Motors Body Shop


History in the making

I hope that you have enjoyed this “Then and Now” photo collection.  Cortland has seen many ups and downs and many changes from 1950 through 2017, but we continue to work hard to make Cortland a great place to live.  Stop by the showroom and check out the history wall.  While there say hello to Luke, Jesse or Tommy Dovi!  We are part of the 3rd generation of Dovi’s who both own and operate Dovi Motors.  Feel free to post any other interesting Cortland history in the comments below.

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  1. At the time I worked there Tom Divi was by boss Body shop manager ,Toni Jr was lead Mechanic technician, Jeff was shop manager , Joe was still in school but there always doing something. Mr Tony Dovi Sr was operation manager owner along with his wife .
    They were great people to work for. Unfortunately I was to immature for them. I was around 19, but looking back at a great family ran business. Glad they are still there.

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