Choosing the Right SUV: Passengers and Seating

In the market for a new Ford SUV?   This seating guide will help make the process of choosing your next SUV a little less stressful!

Seating Capacity

The number of passengers you need to carry is the main factor in determining which SUV to pursue.   Number of passengers effects your life more than you may realize.  If you have 5 members in your family and you have a 5 passenger vehicle, your kids won’t be able to bring a friend along on an outing!  Maybe that is exactly what you want, but you just need to realize that the number of passengers has implications on your lifestyle.  This table summarizes seating capacity for the four vehicles in question:

Passengers and car seats

Another important seating capacity consideration is the type of rear passengers you will have.  If you have tall children or if you often have adults riding in the back seat, you will likely want to focus on the Edge, Explorer or Expedition.   If you want a smaller SUV but need space for 2 back seat adults the Edge is a good choice.  You can also fit 3 car seats across the back of the Edge, Explorer or Expedition.  With the Escape two adults is tight and 3 car seats is impossible.  It is also worth noting that the Escape works well for elderly people or people with back or knee problems.  The ground height and lower rocker rise makes it easier to get in and out of.  Here are some typical seating configurations in the four main Ford SUVs.

  • Two small children in boosters
  • One infant car seat
  • Two full size car seats can be done
  • Occasional short trips with 2 adults
  • Easy to get in and out of for elderly people
  • Three full size car seats across the back seat, but tight.
  • Comfortably sits 2 adults for longer trips
  • Two children in boosters and two full size car seats
  • One infant car seat, one full size car seat and one booster
  • Long trips with 2 adults or grown children, still room for 2 boosters in the 3rd row.
  • Possible to fit 3 full size car seats across 2nd row, but it is tight
  • Three full size car seats across the second row, still room for thee more in the third row.
  • Comfortable sits 4 adults in the rear seats
  • Comes in an Extra Long (EL) version for max seating and cargo capacity


I encourage you to really give some thought to what you want to do with your next SUV.  There is nothing worse than making a large purchase and realizing that it doesn’t fit well with your life.  It is better to spend a few extra minutes (and maybe a few extra dollars) considering your passenger needs,  than to realize you have a $30,000 piece of metal that grandma can’t get into!  Make sure your next SUV fits into your life, and it will be the best purchase you ever made.

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