Undercoating, Rust Proofing & Protecting Your Investment

In honor of launching our new website, https://cnyundercoating.com, I decided to share a few thoughts and answer a few questions regarding undercoating, rust proofing and some of the other steps you can take to protect your car, truck or SUV.

What is the difference between undercoating and rust proofing?

Undercoating is essentially a black heavy duty spray paint that is designed to block out moisture, dirt and stones from the underside of your vehicle.  You can purchase undercoating at any auto parts store and pretty much any retailer that sells automotive related products.  Generally speaking undercoating is a solvent or oil based paint and it generally has some rubber mixed in with the paint.  The rubber acts as a sound barrier, to reduce road noise and stones that hit the bottom of the vehicle.

Rust proofing takes undercoating to the next level by adding protection to the inside of the frame, inside of the doors, fenders and hood and inside of the door jams and hinges.  Rust proofing starts with a standard undercoating job.  Then the technician pulls the plugs in the fame and doors and sprays the rust proofing.  The rust proofing product is very different from the undercoating product.   It is translucent product that is sprayed like a mist or fog.  A special wand is placed inside of the door skin through holes left from the manufacturing process.  This mist settles and forms a protective barrier.

Believe it or not, most often doors, fenders and frames rust from the inside out.  The paint and clear coat on vehicles is generally very reliable, so it doesn’t allow for rust, but moisture and salt brine collect inside of the body panels over time, causing rust from the inside out.  Rust proofing helps to protect against this by coating the inside of these components.

Finally the outside bottoms of the doors and rockers are sprayed with the clear rust proofing product.

Should I Rust Proof My Car?

For most people I would say yes.  My cousin and I both get our trucks done because it makes a big difference in the look and adds to the longevity of your vehicle.  You should seriously consider rust proofing if:

  • You are not good about going to the car wash once per week in the winter
  • You are going to keep you vehicle for 5 years of more
  • You drive on gravel or stone and oil roads regularly
  • You can’t stand the look of a rusty differential (they all rust after 6 months for some reason!)
  • You want to get top dollar for your trade down the road

If you are serious about having a clean rust free vehicle for years to come rust proofing is a must.  I still recommend visiting a car wash periodically in the winter months, but there is nothing like rust proofing to keep the salt away in between washes.  Are you interested?  Use the button below to learn more and shop online for Ziebart rust proofing!

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